Age Friendly – Englewood Village

Here's some points that describe Age Friendly and how the Englewood Village was launched.  There is a flyer attached.

·         The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a global network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities.
·         Cities/communities must apply and when accepted, assess their strengths and weaknesses and develop plans to improve their “age-friendliness” in five year cycles.
·         Historically, most participating cities have been in Europe and Asia, with a few recent exceptions in the US such as Portland, Oregon and New York City .
·         Simply put, a city that is age-friendly to seniors, is a city that is “friendly” to all ages (e.g.; ramps are helpful whether you use a walker or push a baby carriage).
·         There are eight areas that cities plan for in becoming age-friendly: Outdoor spaces and buildings; Transportation; Housing; Social participation; Respect and social inclusion; Civic Participation and employment; Communication and Information; Community support and Health Services.
·         In July of 2012, inspired by Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Chicago became the third US city to be accepted as a member of the Age Friendly Network.
·         Chicago conducted an assessment and opinions from 2600 participants (young and old) regarding Chicago’s strengths, weaknesses and directions toward becoming an Age-Friendly City.
·         Most people want to age in place in their own communities – and Chicago is committed to ensuring the city remains welcoming, supportive and stimulating as residents age.
·         The Mayor has appointed an Age-Friendly Commission to monitor and advise Chicago’s work to become increasingly age-friendly.

·         We all know it takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to support seniors!  A “village” concept for seniors is one that is gaining momentum throughout the US.
·         A VIC will convene stakeholders from throughout the community to coordinate access to resources that support seniors and engage residents in volunteer opportunities and activities that serve seniors.

·         Each of the city’s 22 Senior Centers will become the hub for a Village Interdependent Collaborative (VIC).
·         The Englewood VIC is the first one to be launched in the city.