Do Not Spray List

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Unkempt vacant lots are a blight on our communities and the Department of Streets & Sanitation aggressively cleans these lots and cuts down the associated weeds and overgrowth. Lots with weeds and garbage can harbor pests, reduce real estate values and undermine safety and community improvement efforts.

Streets & Sanitation primarily removes weeds and overgrown foliate by cutting or mulching. However some lots have very rough terrain and uneven surfaces and can not be cut using conventional methods. In those instances, certified department staff uses a commonly known herbicide containing glyphosate. This is one of the most common treatments used by home owners and landscapers for weed control and is sold in most home improvement and gardening stores under the name Round-Up Pro.

While we are satisfied with the rigorous safeguards, the training of our operators and the limited applications of this treatment, some residents may object to our use of this product. To address their concerns we, we allow neighboring residents to request that a lot be added to the "Do Not Spray" list by calling 3-1-1.

The Department will then make its best effort to evaluate the individual requests and implement alternative methods of weed control when and if it is possible.