How to help Veterans in your community

Have you ever wanted to help a Veteran but didn't know how?

Working in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Outreach USA has launched the Adopt-a-VA program where houses of worship, businesses, organizations and groups of individuals can work directly with their local VA facility to serve Veterans in need. There is no cost to become an "adopter" of a facility and the only commitment you make is to help when you are able.

Join now and begin to help serve Veterans who are:
Suffering Mental Distress
In Prison
and more...

Once you adopt your local VA facility you will receive the Adopt-a-VA newsletter where you will be kept aware of new programs dealing with the needs of our Veterans. Many of the programs that are provided by the VA are also suitable for non-Veterans. You will be able to contact Suicide Prevention, Caregiver Support, etc. and have them come to your facility to conduct presentations. Adopt-a-VA is a partnership between you and your VA facility.

Of equal importance, you will become part of the Adopter Network and placed in contact with those in your community with the similar desire to serve our nation's Veterans. Working in unison as a community to serve our Veterans is a key feature of Adopt-a-VA.

Join Adopt-a-VA now so that you can begin to serve those who have served us.

Thank you for caring about our nation's Veterans.


The Adopt-a-VA website has been updated to include a new Resource page. You will find files and links to a variety of resources that can be used in serving our nation's Veterans and their families. This page will be updated on a regular basis so make sure to bookmark and review often. We also encourage you to send us links on sites or resources you think will be of value to those in the Adopt-a-VA Network.