2018 Point In Time Count of Homeless Persons

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) is looking for volunteers, please join us and make a difference!

In order to receive federal homeless funding from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Chicago and the continuum of homeless service providers must demonstrate their need by collecting data on how many persons experience homelessness on one given night.

This night for Chicago will be Thursday, January 25th from 8:00pm-2:00am. The Point-In-Time Homeless Count on the street provides DFSS with a “snapshot” of Chicago’s homeless population. Collecting the data every year allows Chicago to demonstrate the need for funding, helps with service and resource planning, and raises public awareness about homelessness.

During the hours of the count, the City shelters conduct a tally and survey of every homeless person while volunteers canvass the streets and public spaces. Volunteers will be placed into teams of 3 or 4 and will be assigned to specific areas of the city to look for homeless persons. Volunteers may have an opportunity to interview homeless persons to gather data about street homelessness.

This is an incredibly important effort that depends on the hard work of volunteers who assist our staff in collecting this data. I encourage everyone who is interested in volunteering to click below for more information and view the information video on our website which will provide you with all the details needed.


City of Chicago :: Volunteer For The 2018 Homeless Count


The Point-In-Time Homeless Count is conducted every two years to provide the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) with a “snapshot” of Chicago’s homeless population. The data gathered on the actual number of homeless in Chicago serves as a basis for federal funding, for service and resource planning, and to raise public awareness about homelessness.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on the following link to register: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2018COUNT

2018 Homeless Count Volunteer Registration Survey

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